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Ever wanted a DSLR camera?

February 2, 2015

I have wanted a DSLR camera for some time now, I enter just about every contest I find that is giving one away.  I’ve done that because well, I can’t justify the cost especially since I have a digital camera, cameras on my iPhone & iPad plus somewhere I’ve even got several film cameras (none are the SLR or DSLR variety).  I love having pictures of my children and yes, I realize professional photographers have a gift/talent and that gift/talent needs to be rewarded and compensated for fairly; however, the cost of professional photos are often beyond my grasp.  I really miss Walmart’s photo studios (even if I didn’t need 150 pictures) at least I could afford those.  Paying $100s for a handful of pictures has always seem a inefficient use of limited funds and yet, I so would love to have professional photos of my children.  Plus how many times to you see a wonderful nature scene and think, “Oh, I want to capture this.” take the picture only to discover your point and shoot’s picture is a disgraceful rendition of the scene you wanted to capture?  I figured with a DSLR and some lessons I could at least take some semi-decent photos of my children and of nature as I see it and maybe even get some that could be displayed proudly along side those rare professional photos I have of my children.


Anyway, I’ve entered another contest and I get bonus entries every time someone clicks on my link ( and I get 50 extra bonus entries just for posting this:


Local wedding photographers
Image courtesy of: SnapKnot – Local Wedding Photographers
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