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A Review…of Notes to Aspiring Writers

July 19, 2011

I received the pleasure of getting a sneak peek at this new e-book and let me tell you while it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting (a how-to write) it was exactly what I needed to hear (yes, when I read I hear the words in my mind, I don’t just see them on paper).  I highly recommend Notes to Aspiring Writers by Brooke L. McGlothlin.  Now I will tell you if you are anti-God or anti-Christian this book isn’t for you unless you can read it with an open mind, one open to hearing what God might just be saying to you through Brooke.

I also want to tell you that just because you aren’t an aspiring writer, don’t think this book isn’t for you…I truly believe this book could be titled Notes to Aspiring __________(you fill in the blank with your career choice).  Now, why do I say this?  Well, after reading the e-book I realized that we each have a dream and perhaps even a calling in this life and often we feel like we are struggling to fulfill that dream or calling.  This book makes some very valid points that no matter what your dream or calling you can apply those points.

During the early review process some felt Brooke was harsh when she mentioned sacrifices having to be made in this life.  Brooke was concerned enough to inquire if all of her reviewers felt the same way.  I quickly assured her, I did not.  No matter what career, dream or calling we have in this life there will be some sacrifices made whether we personally feel the results of those sacrifices is a different ball of wax altogether.  Often in today’s society women are told “You can have it all,” but can we really?  Does having it all mean that one part must suffer?  Yes, there are some women who feel they have to work to make ends meet, there are some women that feel they have to work to maintain their sanity — I’m not discounting them, but sacrifices are made on both sides of the working/non-working make that non-employed life.  Brooke examines how she realized that sometimes sacrifices must be made in this life in order to pursue the greater good and yet at the same time God may choose to bless those sacrifices with the realization of our dream just not exactly in the way we might have imagined.

For me, I grew up an avid reader with a strong desire to become a full-time mother (in fact, a friend once mentioned that I always said I’d have six kids — didn’t quite fulfill that part of the dream).  For years I felt like my dream was just that a far-off dream that wasn’t going to come true and yet, it has just not on the time-schedule I had imagined.  I’ve been the daughter (still am), the student (hopefully I still can say I’m learning), the single mom, the employed wife and currently the non-employed wife that stays home to raise her three boys to hopefully one day become productive, responsible, Godly men.   The one thing I can say without hesitation is Brooke is right there have been sacrifices through each of those times in my life and yet, as Brooke points out, God calls those He calls His to be willing to lay down their life for His righteousness.  I’ll admit all to often I find dying to self difficult and try to fight it; after reading Notes I hope that I can strive a little harder to not fight the dying to self quite as hard and just allow it to happen for the greater good.

Thanks Brooke for a great read!

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