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A Funny About The 3 R’s….

April 6, 2011

I’ve been reading a book (via Kindle app for iPod Touch) called “A Family of Value,” in it John Rosemond talks about how child rearing and parenting has changed since the advent of the so-called child psychology experts.  To be perfectly honest, I agree with pretty much everything I’ve read so far.

So, last night I inform our boys that Daddy and I are going back to the 3 R’s of Parenting.  To which all three boys look at me quizzically and say:  “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?”  Which had me totally confused, then I realized the brainwashing techniques of what we call education has worked at least on this subject and I respond with a smile, “No the 3 R’s I”m referring to are:  Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness.”  Silence ensued.

Jeff catches me a few minutes later and tells me:  “Let’s drop the resourcefulness aspect or Nick will really get one over on us.  He’s resourceful enough when it comes to getting chocolate, cookies, cake or pop.”  Jeff has a point.  However, we will be working diligently on the respect and responsibility points.


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