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First adventure with couponing….

February 1, 2011

This evening the younger two boys and I ventured to our local Shop-n-Save (well, we actually went to the bigger one where a branch of our bank is located) and decided to try our hand at using coupons (money is tight until payday this week).   The first coupon the boys stumbled across in the newly created coupon binder was a coupon for a free Bird’s Eye SteamFresh veggie with the purchase of either a Van de Camp’s fish product or a Mrs. Paul’s fish product.  Dinner was decided on the spot — fish sticks, free veggies (ended up with Brussel Sprouts, yes the boys like them) and Kraft Mac-n-Cheese (the blue box) as we had that at home.   Since Jeff is a big eater I ended up doubling that purchase (unfortunately, only had one coupon so only one of the veggies were free).

Tomorrow night we are going to have Spaghetti, since  I have everything to make that at home we just needed a salad (no coupon) and bread (had a coupon for Texas Toast fifty-cents off and S-n-S doubles coupons up to $1 so we got a $1 off that!).

Then we noticed that S-n-S had Manwich on sale 3 for $3 and we had a coupon where if we bought 3 we got one freeScore another freebie! Ended up with 4 cans for $1 and when Jeff asked Mitchell to tell him how much each can cost, Mitchell responded with, “less than $1” but Zachary piped up “$.75/each and under a $1 with tax!”  (No, Zachary isn’t a math whiz he just got lucky and even admitted that after we all teased Mitchell a little about Zachary beating him to the solution.)

All in all,we purchased $39.84 worth of items using $4.50 in coupons (including manufactured double ones), less another $1 for our rewards card bringing the grand total to $35.63 with tax!  Not bad for a first time and only using 4 coupons.

I’m 2 boxes of cereal away from a free gallon of milk (and I’ve got coupons for that cereal!).  I’m also $7.70 away from another $.20/off gallon gas coupon.  We recently earned a Big Game Coupon which saves us $10 on a $25 purchase — need to use that this week so we don’t lose it.


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  1. February 14, 2011 6:02 pm

    This post made me laugh. I love that your boys were helping you with your coupon adventure. I need to try my hand at using those again. And, I love the title of your blog too–it caught my attention. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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