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January 30, 2011

Well, I joined and I’ve perused the website and come up a little disappointed, not because I don’t believe you can save money because I do believe if you live in their home area you will save using the program.  Unfortunately, I live in WV and their home area seems to cover the following areas:  West Michigan, Eastern/Central Michigan, Illinois/Chicago, West Ohio, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Arizona,  and Florida/Georgia.  They are still growing so there is always a change that WV will be added to their coverage area.  Until then my choice is to stick with them and use my grocery fliers and the coupon search feature to find my savings, utilize the national coverage store features (for the stores in our area) or quit.

I think I will attempt the first choice for a few weeks.  Seriously, the reason I jumped on this is I’m lazy when it comes to coupon use and truthfully while I’d love to save us a ton of money on groceries I seem to lack the willpower and gumption to actually do the work of locating coupons, tracking sales and matching them all up together to gain the biggest reward.

The times I’ve got segments of those coupon shows and the times I’ve read what online friends are saving (and getting for free or nearly free) I’m psyched.  I’m thinking I can do that, but then reality sets in and life happens and no coupons are clipped and no savings are found.  Perhaps I need to look at this as a game and get the boys involved.  They can cut coupons (they all love to cut stuff up), they can match sales ads to coupons (ooh, Nick could use the matching practice) — I could even make a deal with them — we put the money we save into my old pretzel container (big plastic jug) and the money can go towards a family trip.

I’ll let you know how it goes next week.  Got to tell them about this tomorrow.  This might just work after all.

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  1. February 2, 2011 4:23 pm

    Cari – I work for SavingsAngel – WV is definitely on our expansion list. Pleas email me at satn at savingsangel dot com to discuss. Stan

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