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Oh for a Cup filled with Goodness and Joy

December 14, 2010

This morning a read this post and talk about an ouch moment.  The author talks about how we (as mothers, but truthfully as humans) tend to make excuses for our bad behaviors.  For example, you yell at your child or spouse but tell yourself it isn’t your fault if they would only ___________ (fill in what you wish they would do) then I wouldn’t have to yell.

What really got me though was this comment:

Somehow we fall into this mythical belief that if God calls us to a task that it should be easy and that if it is not easy and is indeed difficult then it’s a not good plan or not the plan God has for us.

Why?  Well, 17 years ago I gave birth to Nick and joined the ranks of mothers who just happened to have a child with a disability.  In those 17 years I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard that God chose me to be his mother so that makes me more than qualified.  I think the reason the comment hit so hard is I’ve often felt that if God assigned me this task why is it such a difficult task?  Shouldn’t it be easier?  Why call the unqualified (trust me that’s how I’ve felt on more than one occasion)?

The author of the post that triggered this one used several examples of how more often than not those God has called have faced hardships and trials and through perseverance and faith in God have emerged triumphant (either in this life or the next).

We have preachers today that preach the Good News and leave new believers coming away thinking that if they accept Christ and follow Him then life will become easier; however, if we really and truly study our Bible we learn that most of those early believers faced hardships and trials.  Are we any better that we should get easy street for accepting and following?  I think not.

All too often when my sons have done something wrong I don’t respond in a Christ-like manner.  My selfish-human nature rises up and lashes out.  After reading Kelly’s post I realize that is because my cup isn’t filled with Goodness and Joy but is still full of bitterness.

There are times I’d so love to be more like Nick.  He seems to have the natural inclinations to respond with love (most of the time).  I’ve seen the boy get a shot, screaming and crying and pushing the nurse away, but once it is over he is offering a hug and a smile.  (I’m not talking hours later but seconds later.)

A long time ago I heard that when you ask for patience you get trials and tribulations because only through those can one learn patience.  I finding now that once again the only way to truly become Christ-like is to go through trials and tribulations until you learn to respond in a Christ-like manner.  Trouble is, I’m still like the cartoon of the priest praying “God grant me patience, and I want it right now!”  I don’t want to go through trials and temptations; I’d rather go to bed and wake up Christ-like.  Unfortunately, that isn’t how it is done.  So, I guess I’ll pray that God will walk through these trials and temptations with me until I can come through them Christ-like.

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