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County Special Olympics Spring Games

May 28, 2010

The athletes came, they competed, they won medals and then they left.  Nick competed in the Spring Games doing the softball throw — took a gold in that competition (then again that boy does have an arm on him); the standing long jump (we joke that Nick is living proof “White Men (or boys) can’t jump” but he is getting better — took a bronze in that competition (he actually got off the ground and went forward!); and the 100 Meter Run (now if you know Nick, you’re probably wondering who thought he could run 100 Meters — we were too, but he didn’t do half bad — took home a silver medal.  (Mitchell quickly points out that is because the other two athletes tied for first but we’re not going there — Nick was second that’s all we need to know.)


I took out the slide show — the music was annoying, sorry about that.

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