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My Journey to becoming a Nobel Woman – Day 44

March 3, 2010

Determine Your Ideal Weight

Scripture to Memorize:

She makes coverings for her bed;

she is clothed in fine linen and purple.

Her husband is respected at the city gate,

where he takes is seat among the elders of the land.

Proverbs 31:22-23

Passage to Read: Genesis 3:6-7 Today’s passage deals with Eve, the forbidden fruit, the fall of man and discovery that Eve and Adam are naked and need clothes.  We’ve all read (or at least heard) the story.  How many times have you found yourself falling like Eve did?  Like Eve, do you also find you tend to take others with you?

Guided Prayer:

Confess that you can’t throw the first stone at Eve.  While the world is full of wonderful foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains; are you continuously tempted to eat all the wrong things?  I know I am.  If it looks good (and smells good) I’m just like Eve and will fall for it every time.  I even give deceptive foods to my husband and children (sounds like Eve doesn’t it?).

Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the truth.  Ask for help in understanding just how deceptive food can be and ask for wisdom to understand you eating habits.

Confess that due to failing to exercise self-control in the area of food, we’re just like Adam and Eve and need new clothes!  Ask for forgiveness for spending more and more money on clothes.  For filling our closets with different sizes (you know what I mean, the fat clothes, the now clothes and the skinny, if I ever get there again, clothes), simply because we are unwilling to exercise self-control concerning food.

Ask for God’s help.  Ask that He heal those places in your soul that drive you to reach for food, rather than God for comfort.

Personal Observations:

The Proverbs 31 woman wore fine linen and purple.  (Keep in mind, this was the most expensive clothing available at the time.)  How can we afford the good stuff, you ask.  Well, one way to do it is to only buy one size.  Instead of going out and buying new when your clothes start getting too tight, cut back on what you are eating and start exercising more.

The best way to get the most out of your wardrobe is to only purchase one size.  How do you determine what is the right size?  We’ve all seen the weight charts and the BMI charts and they can give you a range for what is a healthy range for your height/age.  I think I agree with Donna though and her summation on the ideal weight:  You ideal weight is the healthiest weight you can maintain while leading a sustainable lifestyle.

What exactly does she mean by that?  Well, here’s her example:  “If  I live on nothing but egg whites and lemon water, I can get down to 120 pounds and wear a size 6.  But that is not a sustainable lifestyle.  Therefore, even though I would love to weight 120 pounds and look fabulous in a size 6 (like I did when I was in my twenties and during the tail end of my forty-day fast in 2005).  120 pounds really isn’t the ideal weight for me.”  For Donna, the ideal weight turned out to be 130 pounds, wearing a size 8.  She was able to maintain it by reasonably smart eating and moderate exercise.   So, for Donna, her wardrobe is almost entirely of size 8 clothing.  When those clothes get tight, she doesn’t go out and buy the next size clothing.

Donna, cautions us to be realistic when deciding our ideal weight and clothing size.  Factor in your height, your frame (large, medium, small), your body type, and so on.  Is it really worth tormenting yourself to lose those last 10 pounds?  Instead of starving yourself to fit into some ideal weight and size, find what works for your body — get yourself in the best shape physically you can and enjoy life.

Another thing we learn about the Proverbs 31 woman is she is a woman of strength and dignity.  We don’t have to be a supermodel (truthfully none of them look as good as the ad spread seems to say they do — according to many sources in the know almost all ads with supermodels are airbrushed), but we shouldn’t be flabby and sloppy either.

Practical Application:

  • Determine your ideal weight.
  • Develop a plan to get to it and stick to it.
  • Put away any clothes that don’t fit.  (In your notebook, note the date you store this bin — if you aren’t in that size in 1 year — give it away!)

Notebook: Note the date, bin number (size of clothes in bin number).  If you aren’t wearing that size 1 year from the day — give it away.

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