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My journey towards becoming a Proverbs 31 wife – Day 1

January 5, 2010

Since it is a new year I decided to do the study based on the book by Donna Partow, Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be. Since I didn’t post this yesterday, I’ll probably end up with two posts today. The book recommended you start on a Monday (that was yesterday).

Scripture to Memorize:

A wife of noble character who can find?

She is worth far more than rubies.

Her husband has full confidence in her

and lacks nothing of value.

Proverbs 31:10-11

Who wants to join me in becoming a wife of noble character? Who would love her husband to have full confidence in her and lack nothing of value? Feel free to join me on this 90 day journey that hopefully will turn into a life-changing way to live for God.

The passage that Donna recommended be read on Monday was: Isaiah 54:5-6. Basically this passage reminds us that God is our husband and He will call us back to Him.

For the practical part of yesterday’s lesson I had to answer the following questions:

  1. Two unique personal qualities:
  2. How you enjoy expressing these qualities:
  3. What people are doing in the ideal world:
  4. Combine into one sentence:

Now, I really have a hard time with this type of self-reflective stuff where I’m supposed to list my good qualities (I have a hard time seeing them), so I asked Jeff what he thought were two of my unique personal qualities. He said 1) friendship and 2) I keep us on track. Now, that left me with a dilemma, how do I enjoy expressing those qualities? Well, here is what I wrote:

  1. List two unique personal qualities: a) friendship, and b) ability to keep people on track.
  2. How you enjoy expressing those qualities: I believe I best express those qualities by listening to others, hearing their needs/desires/wants and then giving them advice that will help them stay on track to get those things. (Sometimes that even means I’ve told them things they’d rather not hear, but needed to hear. {They’ve later confirmed that so I’m not just saying it.})
  3. What are people doing in the ideal world: In my ideal world people are living in peace and harmony with lots of love flowing throughout the world.
  4. Combine into one sentence: By listening and encouraging others to follow the path God has for them, I can help others to live in peace and harmony.

So, what are your unique personal qualities (or do you have a mental roadblock there like I do)? How do you express those qualities? If you could describe the ideal world — what would it look like?

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