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October 19, 2009

I love to read as anyone who knows me will attest to that fact.  I’m also a bookaholic as my husband will attest — how can anyone possibly have too many books?

I have to tell you about an upcoming author, Chautona Havig,  and her latest creation, Argosy Junction.   I will admit I had the pleasure of assisting in the editing of this book (and no it doesn’t make me favor it just because I helped in the birthing process).   Argosy Junction is the story of a young man and a young lady but it’s not your typical love story.  When we meet the main character he finds himself in a field surround by what he believes are hostile sheep.  (He’s a city boy who has never really been around farm animals so it’s understandable.)  Our female lead describes him as a pastor preaching to his flock at one point.  This is an important foreshadow of things yet to come.  (Believe me, I’ve encouraged the author to tell the rest of the story.)

Chautona has a unique way of blending Christian values without sounding preachy.  Our female lead, Lane,  has had enough of “Church,” Christians and their hypocritical ways.  Our male lead is a devote (though not holy-roller type) Christian and through him Lane gets to see Christ and how things really should be in the Church.  Chautona does all this without condemning cult type believes and without getting pushy with Evangelical type preaching.  I truly believe this is a book that both believers and non-believers can read without feeling bashed.

I truly wish I could express how being apart of this book’s birthing process, for I truly believe that writing a book is like a pregnancy and delivery, changed me.   I highly recommend you get this book and enjoy it.  If you have preteen or teen readers you might want to be on the look out for her newest series about Wynnewood.  You can find more information about Chautona and her fabulous writing style at:  Chautona .

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