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The Passion

April 2, 2009

Every year the church we attend (Chestnut Ridge) presents the Passion.  The last few years we have attended and as much as I’ve enjoyed it and been blessed by it, I have to say the biggest joy and blessing to me is watching my sons absorbed it.

This year we were able to attend the dress rehearsal as it was opened up to the elderly and disabled.  This was a major blessing as Jeff is working this weekend and the only night he was off (that the Passion was happening) was opening night.  With some of Nick’s issues, I figured opening night with Nick would be a disaster waiting to happen.  Well, we didn’t let the boys know ahead of time what the plans were for tonight but after dinner we filled them in on our plans and let them know our expectations for them.  Nick’s comment when told, “This is where they kill Jesus right?”  Mitchell and Zachary piped up, “But He comes back to life so it’s okay.”

We got to the church about 15 minutes before start time (something we couldn’t do any other night and still get seats).  We got our seats and the show began.   The younger two sat totally engrossed in the production, Nick sat on the edge of his seat and Jeff and I prayed things would work out all right.  At one point I started wondering if Nick really got it — he was cheering for the Roman soliders.  Zachary kept telling Nick, “No, they are bad — don’t you love Jesus?”   Then intermission occurred and when we came back we moved over a few seats (we were right by the aisle where Jesus and the guards come down with the cross) — that was a smart move.  Nick was greatly moved by that scene and starting crying and asking Jeff why they were so mean and to please make them stop hurting Jesus.  (We did explain that for tonight it was pretend and that the men weren’t really hurting him.)   We managed to calm Nick down enough to finish watching.  He wanted to understand why the one solider was crying after Jesus died since he was one of the ones that put Jesus on the cross.  He wanted to know where they took Jesus when he wasn’t found in the tomb.  Then when Jesus came out, Nick jumped up and shouted, “My Jesus — He’s Alive!”

It’s hard to stop Nick’s reactions sometimes and I’m sure people wonder — we are trying to teach him what’s appropriate behavior for a 15 year old so at times I’m torn — do I redirect and attempt to get him to act more like a 15 year old or do I let him be and let the emotions lead his reaction?  All I know is seeing him go from totally devastated and distraught to overjoyed in a manner of minutes was fascinating.  We should be devastated and distraught over the treatment Jesus received (even more so when we realize that if it wasn’t for our sins He wouldn’t have had to die) and then the joy of knowing, He’s Alive!!!!!!!

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