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CPSIA — friend or foe?

January 13, 2009
Last year our illustrious congress passed a bill, which the president signed into law, called CPSIA.  The reason for the passage of this law was to ensure our children are safe from lead and phylates.   (This occurred around the time we, meaning the US, had seen a vast rise in lead-contaminated toys and children’s products from China.)  Now, I’m not saying I don’t want my children protected from dangerous items, but the impact of this law the way it is written is so over-encompassing that many small and medium size businesses will go out of business.  The way the law is written even our children’s school books and library books must meet this new standard that the CPSA has decided is retroactive.   What does this mean?  Well, all the books on your public library shelf must meet the new standard.   The only way to truly prove the books meet the standard is to have them tested at an independent 3rd party laboratory (that, of course, has been certified to do the testing by the US government).  How many libraries are going to be able to afford this testing?  Not many I bet!
Also, you know those great buys you find at the local GoodWill and/or consignment shop when you’re looking for clothes and/or toys for your child?  You might as well forget it at least for a few years — those places can’t afford to have their inventory tested and rather than face the fines and penalties they are most likely going to shut their doors.
You say,  no problem, I’ll buy the boys the wooden toys Mr. Smith makes down the road.  Oh, so you think Mr. Smith will still be in business?  Guess what?  He has to make sure his toys pass muster by having them tested at a 3rd party laboratory.  (Oh, and every batch has to be tested, not just the raw materials!)  Gets a little too expensive for Mr. Smith to stay in business, besides you can’t afford the new “approved” toys.
Again, you say, not a problem, I know someone who’s children are just a tad older than mine, I’ll ask them for their hand-me downs.  You must not like your friend very much because, you guessed it!, the law was written that to even give away non-tested “approved” items is against the law!
So, now what are we to do with all these non-approved items?  Well, according to the general council at the CPSA it’s toxic and a hazardous waste.  You better call the haz mat guys out to come dispose of it properly!
What next will we be turned into CPS if our children have toys that don’t meet the new approved standards after February 10, 2009?
I’m all for protecting our children, but let’s use some common sense.  The contaminated items mainly came from China — make them do the testing if you have to do it.  But requiring every single item to have a certification proving it doesn’t contain lead and/or phylates is overkill.  (Because in case you haven’t figured it out the law says any items manufactured or marketed for children have to have the certification and after August 10, 2009 have to have a permanent label saying it met the standard.  That means the dress that you want to buy your daughter off e-bay that is a hand-sew, one of a kind probably won’t be available after February 10, 2009 because it will cost the seamstress too much to have it tested unless you really want to pay $1,000 (or more) extra.)
Join me and thousands of others who have written to their congressmen requesting something be done before it’s too late.
On a side note, for those that might be interested:

In the Hands of a Child
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January 12, 2009

Dear Valued Customers,

Due to the new CPSIA law In the Hands of a Child, for the time being, is discounting our Kit Pack inventory in order to lessen our possible loss in the event that an exemption is not granted.

While we are still praying for this situation to work out for all small businesses we feel that it is in our best interest to lessen our possible loss.  And what better way than to pass the savings on to you, our wonderful customers, who are praying with us through this difficult situation!!

Please help us clear our shelves and enjoy a 35% savings on all Kit Packs!!  Savings will be automatic!  Spread the word and help us empty the shelves!!

This sale will continue until our Kit Pack inventory has been exhausted, so purchases will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Once they are gone, they are gone!

In the event the law is modified, In the Hands of a Child reserves the right to bring back Kit Packs in the future at full price without any discount, implied or expressed, during this sale.

Cannot be combined with any other offer, special, discount, coupon or sale.
Super Member discount DOES NOT apply to this sale.
Tax and Shipping not included in calculating discount price.
Not valid toward prior purchases.
No rainchecks.


Help us spread the word by posting the above notice on your blog.  Then place an order for at least 1 Kit Pack, email us the link to your blog where the notice is posted along with your order number and your choice of Kit Pack and wel add it to your order. How easy is that?*

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In the Hands of a Child

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