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2009 — It’s a New Year

January 3, 2009

Since it is a new year I thought I’d try to create new traditions with my family.  One of my goals for this year is to treat my children’s birth date as a special day for us to share.  I’ve asked them each to think of things they’d like to do with me one on one over the next year.  I have come up with at least a couple of things that will done with each of them:  they choose the meal with eat that day for dinner and they get to stay up 30 minutes later than their brothers that night.  Since Jeff and Nick share their birth date, I told Jeff I’d like to reserve the 29th for him (it’s our anniversary date).

Mitchell came up with some really good things (need to work with Nick and Zachary).  Mitchell’s list includes the following:

  • Stay up 1 hour and 30 minutes over bedtime.  (The hour and 30 minutes won’t happen but 30 minutes can.)
  • Watch a DVD (I’m assuming of his choice with me.)
  • Play Wii with Mom.
  • Choose what dinner to prepare.
  • Prepare dinner with Mom.
  • Have Mom read just to me.
  • Have Mom lay with me at bedtime.  (I typically end up laying with Zachary or occasionally Nick.)
  • Help Mom with bedtime routine.
  • Go to a bookstore with Mom.
  • Sit with Mom (I’m assuming at dinner or while watching TV, again Zachary typically gets my lap during TV time.)
  • Go Easter outfit shopping with Mom.

Zachary’s list:

  • Stay up until 11:00pm (Nope — only allowed 30 minutes past bedtime.)
  • Play Wii until 8:00pm (with me?)
  • Play my DS until 6:00pm (Not quite sure on this one, they are allowed to play DS after 6:00pm until 7:00pm each evening.)
  • Have Dinner at 5:15pm (We typically eat between 4:30 & 5:30 when Jeff’s working.)
  • Watch TV

Nick’s List:

  • Watch Basketball (Not sure — I hate basketball!   Told him that’s something he does with Daddy.)
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