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Originally my blog was Musings from Mars and this explained why.

January 23, 2008

I know, I know, long title for a blog, but there are days when it soooo fits!  Remember the book, Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars well that is how I sometimes describe my life as a mom to 3 boys.  I currently reside in a home where 5 out of the 7 occupants are male (we have two dogs, one female/spayed and one male).  I swear they (the males) speak a foreign language and have that habit of pretending not to not understand English (Non parlo di inglesi, Yo no hablo inglés, Je ne parle pas l’anglais) forcing me to wonder if I need lessons in another language.  (Obviously Martian isn’t a language that I can type out, hence the “I don’t speak English” done in Italian, Spanish and French.)

I always dreamed of having a daughter, but alas, I was blessed (yes, I said blessed) with 3 boys.  I did gain a stepdaughter when I married Jeff, but that’s a whole other kettle of worms that I ain’t dealing with today, maybe someday.  Anyhoo, like I said I always dreamed I’d have girls, in fact, with each pregnancy I was convinced this was my daughter — nope, ultrasound always showed a boy and yeppers, I delivered said boy.

My first ventures into motherhood of sons was baptism by _____ (I’m sure you can get the picture, if not imagine changing the diaper).  Nickle was born, according to his ultra sound 1 month early; however, by my calculations he was 1 week early.  Since I was there at conception and the doc and the ultrasound weren’t I tend to think my dates are a little more accurate.  KWIM?  Had about 3 weeks of bedrest before I had him which is probably a good thing as I felt like a beached whale left in a sauna that summer!  He arrived rather rapidly once he decided enough was enough 8 minutes from the urge to push to holding him in my arms, thank you very much.  He was immediately whisked away to be examined.  An agonizing 12-15 hours later I find out why I haven’t seen my son since birth (after my Dad came to visit and read the newborn nursery staff the riot act).  Seems they suspected Nickle had Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and it turns out they were right.  But, don’t ya think they could have come and talked to me about why they were ‘holding him hostage’?  Actually, I learned later I could have gone to the nursery at anytime, but no one bother to tell me anything and I was alone and scared (not something you would think a 29 year old woman would be).

Those first few diaper changes were an experience, let me tell you!  I’ve babysitted plenty of times (mostly males too, hmmm maybe God was trying to prepare me) and never had as many golden showers (or near missed ones) than I got that first week.  I laughed at one point and said that Nickle was a 2 diaper, 3 blanket change and an outfit (or two if I needed it) change!  Evenutally he and I settled into a pattern and I could actually change his diaper and only use 1 diaper (no blankets or outfit changes!).  Nickle and I spent the next 5 years bonding and establishing a routine.  Learning lots about life, Down Syndrome and each other along the way.  Nickle was and is a character.  I think his favorite person in the world is Papa (my Dad) and one, if not his only, favorite teams is the WVU Mountaineers.

Well, time is getting by and I really need to eat.   If you want to hear more of our saga, stay tuned.

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